• Maryville College Equestrian Team

Maryville College Equestrian Team functions as a club sport at the College and participates in intercollegiate competition as a member of the (IHSA) Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, Zone 5, Region 1. The colleges and universities in this zone are: Belmont University, Hiwassee College, Maryville College, Middle Tennessee State University, Murray State University, Rhodes College, Tennessee Tech University, The University of Memphis, The University of the South, The University of Arkansas, The University of Tennessee – Knoxville, and Vanderbilt University.

IHSA competition is based on the level of the rider and includes beginner through open level of competition. Each member accumulates points toward the next level based on show results. Team points are earned through show points earned by the designated point rider at each level.

IHSA shows are different! At each show, the host institution provides most of the horses ridden in the show. Riders in their designated class draw the name of a horse at random and are expected to ride the horse without prior practice or schooling.

Team Details 2016-17


Returning Riders:

Taylor Mundelein ’18
Isabella (Izzy) Davis ’19
Jacquelyn (Jackie) Stump ’19
Sarah McInnis ’19
Rachel Strickland ’20
Maren Daniels ’20
Kaitlyn Sullivan ’20
Erin Buckley ’20
Catherine Anderson ’20
Jenna DeLozier ’20

New Riders:

Brylie Mays ’21
Jessica Dutkosky ’21
Kelsey Birchfield ’21
Sabrina Schulte (Exchange)

Brylie (1 of 1)Taylor (1 of 1)Jessica (1 of 1)

Brylie, Taylor, Jessica

Jenna (1 of 1)Sarah (1 of 1)actual sabrina

Jenna, Sarah, Sabrina

Rachel (1 of 1)Maren (1 of 1)Kelsey (1 of 1)

Rachel, Maren, Kelsey

Kaitlyn (1 of 1)Jackie (1 of 1)Izzy (1 of 1)

Kaitlyn, Jackie, Izzy

Erin (1 of 1)Cat (1 of 1)

Erin, Cat

Show Dates:


  • September 30-October 1: IHSA Show at the University of the South (Sewanee)
  • October 20-21: IHSA Show at Maryville College (Penrose Farm)


  • TBD @ IHSA show at MTSU

MCET is also happy to support the Penrose Farm Interscholastic Equestrian Association Team, which is a middle and high school team coached by Christen Khym. The dates of their shows are listed below:

  • September 16-17: IEA Show at the Elders
  • October 14-15: IEA Show at Penrose Farm


All photos courtesy of Isabella Davis ’19.

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